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Interview with our founder

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Demetrius is a thought leader, public speaker, and an innovator in the business of empowerment. Demetrius vividly recalls during his early years being clueless about who he was. He stumbled through his early twenties. Some of this was partly due to where he grew up and what he was exposed. Demetrius’ desire to understand life’s purpose sent him on a search for significance. His passion and search would then lead to him becoming an agent of hope for others whom he knew were also clueless like he once was. Since this time, he has been promoting a sense of hope, increased self-esteem, leadership, dignity, empowerment, and parallel opportunities for all people. In short, Demetrius sees the diamonds in the rough and broken places of life and he believes they need to be mined and exposed to purpose. Demetrius is blessed to be married to Connie Colbert who has served in the medical community for more than 27 years. Connie currently works as a Director of Healthcare services at a local university. They have four daughters and three grandchildren.

Demetrius has volunteered for the past 27 years in many organizations and professionally. His professional experience includes being an Executive Director, Senior Manager, Department lead, and Business Development Adviser. His experiences have been transformative, and they helped shape the way he sees the world and his purpose for being in it.

Demetrius’ personal mission statement is "when I know better than I can do better."

A little more about Demetrius...

Demetrius is also the founder of:

  • TRANSITIONS UNIVERSITY, a young men's mentorship program designed to coach teens in preparation for their future.

  • ESTHER'S COURT, a young women's mentorship program designed to coach teens in preparation for their future.  

  • THE IMAGINE GROUP (TIG), a collection of educators and professionals in the field of health, business, finance, ministry and personal growth. TIG host empowerment conference to help cities and communities reach their potential.

  • THE PHENOMENAL LEADERSHIP NETWORK, an organization of ministry leaders who mentor and coach other pastors and leaders in their communities.

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