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 Fellowship Phoenix outreach initiatives are based on the needs of the local community. We provide education to families demonstrating the need to be elevated from surviving to the ability of thriving. Some of our efforts include feeding the hungry, supplying schools with basics and supporting a wide range of shelters where people are in transition from being dependent to independent consumers.

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Support Services

While we aim to help as many people as possible we realize our greatest opportunity comes through partnerships and referrals with other organizations. We are a resource to families in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. We use existing human services resource agencies in each city as a starting point to access those who have demonstrated they need our support.

Community Development

We assist in revitalizing the people and/or areas. These areas are typically in low-income, underserved neighborhoods that have experienced significant disinvestment. Some of our core
initiatives critical to community rejuvenation include economic development, education, and social services.

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